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This is our long list of lax links! - We've included National and International lacrosse organisations and governing bodies, along with UK and overseas lacrosse equipment retailers and manufacturers, plus many more.

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English Lacrosse Association
National Lacrosse Association for England.

Welsh Lacrosse Association
National Lacrosse Association for Wales

Scottish Lacrosse Association
National Lacrosse Association for Scotland

Irish Lacrosse Foundation
National Lacrosse Association for Ireland

South Lacrosse
South of England Mens Lacrosse Association

British Universities and Colleges Sports

Cheshire County Lacrosse Association

Stockport Metros Lacrosse Club

European Lacrosse Federation
The European Lacrosse Federation (ELF) is the organisational body for lacrosse played in Europe including women's and men's lacrosse. Links and details of all European playing countries and clubs.

International Lacrosse Federation
Founded in 1974, the International Lacrosse Federation (ILF) is the governing body of men's lacrosse.

Australian Lacrosse Association
The ALA comprises 6 member states - Lacrosse South Australia, Lacrosse Tasmania, Lacrosse Victoria, Lacrosse West, New South Wales Lacrosse Inc, Queensland Lacrosse Association, Western Australian Lacrosse Association.

Austrian Lacrosse Association
National Lacrosse Association representing both Mens and Womens lacrosse in Austria.

Bermuda Lacrosse
National Lacrosse Association responsible for national squads and lacrosse development.

Canadian Lacrosse Association
The Canadian Lacrosse Association is recognized as the governing body responsible for all aspects of Canada's national lacrosse.

Czech Lacrosse Union
National body for lacrosse in the Czech Republic representing all aspects of game.

Danish Lacrosse Federation
National body for lacrosse in Denmark. Full list of National squads and regional clubs.

Finland Lacrosse
Finland's National lacrosse body.

France Lacrosse Association
National Governing Body for lacrosse in France.

German Lacrosse Association - Deutscher Lacrosse
German National Lacrosse Association representing both Mens and Womens lacrosse.

Iroquois National Lacrosse
Since 1990, the Iroquois have been a full member nation of the International Lacrosse Federation.

Italian Lacrosse Federation
National Governing body for men's lacrosse in Italy including national squads.

Hong Kong Lacrosse Association
The Governing body for lacrosse in Hong Kong. Responsible for National Squads as well as promoting and developing Lacrosse.

Japan Lacrosse Association
National Lacrosse body.

Netherlands Lacrosse Board
National Lacrosse Organisation representing both Mens and Womens Lacrosse in the Netherlands and international squads.

Norwegian Lacrosse
National Lacrosse Association

New Zealand Lacrosse Association
NZ Lacrosse, National Lacrosse Association for both Mens and Womens teams.

Spanish Lacrosse Association
Spain's National lacrosse organisation.

United States of America - US Lacrosse
US Lacrosse was founded on January 1, 1998, as the national governing body of men's and women's lacrosse.

Lax Forums
UK lacrosse forum. News and views from the British lacrosse scene.

Hattersleys Lacrosse
Manchester based retailer selling STX lacrosse equipment.

Monster Mesh
Local supplier of (you guessed it!) lacrosse mesh!

Northern Soul Sportswear
A one stop shop for Lacrosse equipment, uniforms and apparel.

Peak Sports
Stockport based retailer stocking Gait and Brine equipment.

Please note: Many of the overseas lacrosse equipment retailers charge for courier shipping. Please check with each supplier before purchasing. Import Duty and VAT are payable on overseas goods.

Captain Lax
The European lacrosse shop! - Lacrosse equipment supplier based in Germany. Shipping available to the UK.

Fantastic for lax cleats and footwear. Fast shipping and often have great bargains! - Also sell a full range of lacrosse equipment. (USA)

Great Atlantic Lacrosse
Good range of lacrosse products. Offer a loyalty/reward club. (USA)

Lacrosse Monkey
USA Retailer based in California, great range and often have limited edition kit and MLL branded gloves. (USA)
Fantastic range of lax gear. Based in New Jersey so ships from East Coast - saves a little on shipping. (USA)

Lacrosse Unlimited
Good range of lacrosse gear, ships from East Coast. (USA)

Lax World
Based on the East Coast, Lax World have retail outlets in most of the major US lacrosse hotspots. Ship overseas and stock a wide range from most manufacturers. (USA)

Prolax shop
Based in Europe and offer shipping to the UK. Stock Adidas, Brine, Reebok and STX lacrosse equipment.

STX Lacrosse
Full range of lax equipment.

Warrior Lacrosse
Full range of lax equipment, helmets and cleats.

Brine Lacrosse
Full range of lax equipment and helmets.

Gait Lacrosse
Full range of lax equipment.

1 Lacrosse
Wide range of Lacrosse shafts. Off the shelf or team branding available.

Rad Sheep
Specialist team sportswear manufacturer.

Reebok Lacrosse Equipment
Full range of lax equipment, shafts, heads and protective gear.

Adidas Lacrosse Equipment
Full range of lax equipment shafts heads and protective gear.

Cascade Helmets
Lacrosse helmets in range of colours and styles. Can be custom designed.

Harrow Sports
Lacrosse stick manufacturer. UK based.

Maverick Lacrosse
Relative newcomers in the lacrosse equipment market, but offer a wide range of gear.

Major League Lacrosse
Official site with all the latest news, team schedules, standing and stats.

Boston Canons

Chicago Machine

Denver Outlaws

Long Island Lizards

Toronto Nationals

Washington Bayhawks

Poynton Web
Poynton Village Community Website