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Welcome to our 'Player Zone'. We hope to add many more items to this section soon including coaching tips, equipment reviews and more.

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Lax Inside Shooting TechniquesBeing able to shoot hard and fast from outside of the crease is only one part of being a great attacker. Shooting accurately when you are close to the goal is an equally important skill. In this video MLL legend Ryan Powell shows you his favourite inside shooting techniques.


Lax Wall Ball DrillsThrowing a ball off a wall is a great way to work on eye-hand coordination, strengthen wrists and to develop the use of both hands to throw and catch. This coaching video will help you get started with some tips on the many different wall ball drills you can include in your training.


Faceoff TechniquesIn this great video Denver Outlaws midfielder Kyle Harrison shares two of his favourite techniques for face-off success. Kyle demonstrates a couple of techniques that are particularly useful if you are facing against a physically bigger player. The ‘jam’ and the ‘laser’ both require lightning fast reflexes, but get it just right and the ball will be free and in play very quickly.

Read All About It! - Lacrosse Books

Lacrosse BooksThere are plenty of great lacrosse books on the market, but you won't always find them on the shelves of your local bookshop. The recent growth in the popularity of the sport has seen the publication of a number of new books covering the history of the game, coaching and fitness techniques and much more. We've reviewed a few of our old favourites as well as some new ones here.

Referee Signals - TEST YOURSELF!

Lax Ref SignalsAs the game has developed, a series of recognised arm signals has evolved which the referee will use during the course of the game. On this page you can test yourself to see if you really do know what they all mean!